Hard to believe I’ve only been here here two days. I feel really pleased with what I’ve acheived in that time. I completed the Starbroek News extensive list of questions, sent them a couple of photos and asked if they can hold the article till I’m there. Mainly because I haven’t sorted out local outlets for the book in Guyana. That’s been my biggest challenge since I got here. Getting the book into shops requires telephone and physical legwork. And the cut the shops take is phenomenal, 75% in the worst case so far. But what to do – book need exposure – that shop will certainly be a loss leader, but I’m prepared to go with it becuase they are quite a big chain here.
And I have to do it all again in Guyana. That’s a job for tomorrow.

Today I confirmed my radio interviews, Monday on Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) and Tuesday on Mix 96. Gives me enough time to physically get the books into the shops.

Tried to book my flight to Montserrat and had to sit down when I heard the price. Almost as much as the flight from Manchester to here. But it has to be done, so I’ll get on and do it tomorrow.

Had lots more planned but today the jet lag hit. By 2 p.m. I had to head for a sleep, think I need at least another 10 hours to get back to high functioning.

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