Mix 96 fm meeting

When I went to the lovely studios of Mix 96 fm yesterday it was to discuss an interview to promote Dare to Love. I was bowled over by the warm welcome I got from an amazing crew, Russell, Annie, Sheldon and Omar. As A Course in Miracles practitioner, I’m always conscious that any interaction can be used to spead love, and help to bring peace to the world. Despite this, I was still amazed by the conversations I had with Sheldon and with Russell. ‘The Secret’ practioners are everywhere, it’s good to connect, to share, to support.

Omar suggested promoting the book in Trinidad, as they have a thriving arts culture. As I have no contacts there, he’s going to share some of his with me when I go back for the interview tomorrow. I’ll be on the Stokely Murray show at 5 p.m. Thursday, 27th. Looking forward to it.

I got a great email from Marcelle, the reporter on the Starbroek News in Guyana, offering to do a follow-up piece when I get there. She also offered to organise a tour of major places for us.

The only fly in a very sweet ointment of a day was the operator at my bank who froze internet banking because I could not answer the exact date I opened my account. I realised, even as I was doing it, how pointless it was telling her how screwed I was by that. My wonderful husband has been a knight in shining armour.

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