Mr Austin said yes.

A few hours ago Mr Austin, the owner of the renouned Austin’s Book Services said yes to stocking Dare to Love. It was a timely agreement, given that I’m about to do a radio interview in two hours. I can now confidenty say that the books will be available in the largest bookstore in Georgetown. While I’m extremely happy about this, I am happier about the nature of the transaction. Mr Austin is an exteremly charming person with a great sense of humour and a very sharp wit, a shrewd businessman but seems fair.

Although we hadn’t made an appointment, and he was about to leave for one, when he realised I was about to go and do the radio interview he spared us some time. I think also because Denis is a personal friend of his and he had accompanied us to the meeting. Denis, also a charming person, in a very laid back way. He never looked rushed, long easy strides, but as a journalist he covers a lot of ground. He met us at the bookshop, took us to the craft center and then found a taxi to take us back to the hotel. I commented on the friendliness and generosity of everyone we’ve met so far, which is directly opposed to what we had been warned to expect. He just smiled and said ‘you can’t believe everything you hear. Guyana has its problems, but not everyone has allowed it to affect their basic humanity.’


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