Need more books

My sleep pattern’s all over the place since I got back from Montserrat, went to bed at 8.30 last night, up at 2.30 a.m to face a full day. Going to Bridgetown to meet the editor from The Nation about featuring the book. Also received the order from Pages Bookstores which I’m hoping to deliver today if I can get a lift. They will receive them just in time to still feature in the Independence month celebrations of writing by or about Barbados. Everywhere the Barbados flag and colours abound. The radio and TV calls for Barbadians to show their pride in their nation. This is the bandstand at Brown’s Beach, where we do our Tai Chi on Saturday mornings, bedecked in the Barbadian colours and The Nation Newspaper’s posters for the National Fun Run/Walk which took place on Sunday.

I spent some time yesterday researching shipping costs as I’ve run out of books to meet the orders I have. The airport bookstore is the latest to say yes, and I’ll approach Cloisters today while I’m in Bridgetown. Also looking to see if there’s any tax on the import of books here, as there isn’t in the UK, but can find nothing on the Internet.

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